Hatchback passenger vehicle case study

Government incentives are also in place to make plug-in vehicles more affordable for businesses and private citizens alike. Given the improving range, decreasing prices, and number of new electric cars on the marketbusinesses face fewer limitations with plug-in vehicles than they did in the past. The debut of models like the plug-in hybrid cherry picker could lead to further indecision for utility providers. To make the choice simpler, we are taking a look at eight different plug-in models — ranging from passenger cars to models reserved for industrial use — to determine their best use in vehicle fleets.

Hatchback passenger vehicle case study

Very well done personal site on converting a gas powered Mazda car to run on electricity. The description is very detailed and covers all the design and build issues encountered in detail.

Electric Forum Good site with lots of information and news on electric cars and electric car conversions. Electric car forum with lots of particiapation.

DIY Electric Car http: Very hands on, lots of real projects. Looks like a very good place to learn the details on conversions and get expert advice. It has a whole inventory of actual donor cars, motors, controllers, You put a car together from these choices, and it then reports the performance for the car you assembled.

My reaction after reading this was that it looks a lot more straightforward and practical than I thought it would be. Part of this is due to the inherent simplicity of electric cars compared to gas engine cars.

The book provides quite a bit of design information, as well as a detailed how-to on the actual conversion. Other useful material on the site that is dedicated to helping with EV conversions. Born to be Wired.Autoblog brings you automotive news; expert reviews of cars, trucks, crossovers and SUVs; and pictures and video.

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Research and compare vehicles, find local dealers, calculate loan payments, find. NEW Home Energy Station -- make Hydrogen at your home for the FCX: This is Honda's very serious go at a fuel cell car. It is designed from the ground up as a fuel cell car.

Plans call for introducing the car in limited numbers as lease vehicles in southern California in A roof box is fine, but from an engineering perspective it is not ideal to add accessories to the top of a vehicle, because this adds to the aerodynamic drag .

Hatchback passenger vehicle case study

The Business Case for Hydrogen-powered Passenger Cars: Competition and solving the Infrastructure Puzzle Subproject 2: The Business Case for Hydrogen Fueling Stations: The th-of-a-kind case. Robert Rosner, EPIC*, Dept. of Physics and Harris School of Public Policy. Robert Topel, EPIC* and Booth School of Business.

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