In gothic writing women are presented as either innocent victims or sinister predators or are signif

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Introduction Gothic Literature, originating in the late 18th century, coalesce the rhythmical language and vivid imagery of Romance novels with the dark and terrific supernatural beings, gloomy settings and fiends of classic Horror. Gothic literature of this era was generally written by women, homosexual men and marketed at a female audience.

The audience expectation of Gothic literature was often based around the setting, language, traditional character roles, supernatural beings and classic horrific entrapment scenarios.

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General roles within Gothic literature include a heroic character and villainous beings. It is rather humorous that throughout the novel, although all the women are place in the tradition role, it is Victor, the heroic protagonist, who from the beginning instead of trying to deal with the problem of his monster, faints or falls into a fever.

He strangely continues to adopt stereotypical feminine traits such as physical weakness, fainting and illness: The constant description throughout of his meek appearance is helps to sustain his femininity.

One could argue that another questionable decision made by Shelley was how every female character within the book apart from Mrs Saville died or were murdered.

In gothic writing women are presented as either innocent victims or sinister predators or are signif

Caroline Beaufort is a selfless mother who dies taking care of her adopted daughter; Justine is executed for murder, regardless of her innocence; the creation of the female monster is disregarded by Victor because he fears being unable to control her actions once she is animated; Elizabeth waits, impatient but helpless, for Victor to return to her, and she is eventually murdered by the monster.

Seeing as Shelley was the daughter of highly respected advocate for women rights and feminism is was striking to the contemporary and modern audiences to see how she effortlessly disregards the lives of the women in the novel firstly, by killing them off.

Whilst also eradicating the natural role of women as child bearers when Frankenstein, a male, creates life without the need for a woman and when given the opportunity to create a female he destroys it, for fear of the consequences it could entail. Caroline Beaufort, in my opinion is the most selfless and embodies the classic portrayal a woman within this novel.

Much as the monster is defined by his ugliness, Elizabeth is defined by her attractiveness which was a classic element of a gothic female, one being beautiful whilst lacking personality and a sense of worth. When wrongly accused of the murder instead of fighting against the injustice of the circumstantial evidence against her, she fall apart and feels guilty for the death.

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Believing she should have protected William, as his maternal figure, she confesses, I did confess; but I confessed a lie.

In the end she falls under the oppression of the male dominated legal system and is hung. Although considered a minor character and is only mentioned briefly she creates a large impression on both Elizabeth and Victor as all throughout the trial he is troubled and wallows in guilt because he knows Justine is innocent and convicted because of crimes of his creature yet he allows her to take the blame.

In gothic writing women are presented as either innocent victims or sinister predators or are signif

In addition, to the awareness of male oppression and writers, I often questioned why so many iconic male Gothic authors such as Walpole, William Beckford and M.

G Lewis were suspected of homosexuality, as Gothic was traditionally romantic and marketed at female audiences. How willingly would I declare the secret which bows me down with its weight! This suggestion of enjoying pain and distress is a revolutionary idea; Coleridge took Gothic heroines to a whole new level in his era as he allowed his audience to delve into the psychological side of his characters.

Mental illness and breakdown was not a new subject within Gothic literature but the psychosis often affected male characters, except this level of psychology created new and more interesting female protagonists and subverted the traditional depiction of level headed and innocent women.

Nonetheless, the reader sees that Christabel is not as innocent as she is portrayed at face value, as a young women held under a spell. This interest in watching Geraldine undress seems quite uncharacteristic of Christabel or of an innocent and naive young damsel. Firstly her power and influence over the other characters alone contrasts to the stereotypical role of women in traditional Gothic literature.

Geraldine is also able to manipulate the male characters as the Baron is smitten with her and hangs on her every word portraying her strong sense of empowerment much like Ligeia who is said to have been smarter than most men.

Conclusion Another female presented in Gothic literature is the force of nature which is often personified as a woman and a strong female principle.

Shelley uses stormy weather, darkness imagery and the desolate arctic to provide the perfect ambience for Frankenstein, specifically the epic chase between Victor and The Creature in the middle of the Russian arctic.

Material Information With reference to three texts, to what extent have you found this view to be true?
Record Information Write for me In Gothic texts, it is the men who are demonised.

Yet although sometimes seen as a curse Victor also describes his recovery from grave illness through his affinity with natural. Thus showing another powerful side of the women in gothic who, although shows maternal and mothering qualities by essentially making Victor better, Mother Nature undoubtedly make several strong appearances which also help to present the Gothic nature of the novel.Within in some gothic writing women are presented as being equally or in fact strong than men thus reducing their position as victims within the genre.

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She received the honor at the group's annual installa- either. They make me feel better. It gives me more energy." Another Punta. The women are simply passive victims of male ambition. To what extent do you agree with this assessment of Gothic fiction?

The idea of women in Gothic texts being the passive victims due to the ambitions of men can be illustrated in Frankenstein where the protagonist is Frankenstein who indirectly kills his female loved ones for his .

In Gothic writing, women are presented as either innocent victims or sinister predators or are significantly absent. Consider the place of women in Gothic.

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