Opening title sequence of slumdog millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire - The opening sequence. Slumdog Millionaire How Mise en scene is shown in the opening sequence: Through the use of colours within the clip.

Opening title sequence of slumdog millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire - The opening sequence. Slumdog Millionaire How Mise en scene is shown in the opening sequence: Through the use of colours within the clip.

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The colours are all very bright and traditional, this helps show wear the film is set and creates a eastern cultural atmosphere. The use of lighting also suggest the location is hot and humid. The clip also shows very rural and rustic places, also suggesting the film is set in the shanty towns of india.

Through the way children also run through the mountains of rubbish, the rubbish within the clip symbolises the poverty within india and the poor hygiene the community lives with.

Through the actors, a large amount of the actors within the opening are children, this shows the importance of the kids within the film and gives the audience an idea that they could become a large factor of the film as it continues. The children also show that from a very young age in india you are much more independent and child welfare isn't as strict, compared to other countries.

The scene starts off with young children playing cricket.

Opening title sequence of slumdog millionaire

The use of the cricket bat and ball at the beginning portrays the younger generation and how they love to have fun and play together. Also the fact they show the kids playing on a airport run way shows the way the kids will do anything for a good place to play their game and that they are not afraid to break the rules.

Editing within the opening sequence: The clips provides a lot of editing and uses a wide range of different shots, cuts and angles for effect.

The key to the opening sequence is the idea that the children are running away from the security guards, they then carry on running through the shanty town to try and loose the gaurds and not get in trouble or beaten. The scene fades in to one of the children throwing the cricket ball, from then there are numbers different cuts showing the children playing, such as low shots of the ball in the airs and high shots of the children catching and hitting the ball.

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The clip then cuts to show the guards arriving on motor cycles shouting at the children. There are many different shots where the guards are chasing the children, one of the most effective is the moving shot of the motor cycles wheel and the children running in the distance, this is effective because it is an unusual angle and creates depth within the clip.

The clip is largely continuing cuts and cross cutting where the film cuts from the chase scene to show the location of the shanty town in more detail, such as the the shot where the camera zooms out to show the size of the town, or the cut where the clip show a man cleaning rubbish with the town.

This is effective as it gives the audience a sense of location and background information. The clips also provides sub titles which they have edited in to help the audience understand what is being said.

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Sounds within the opening: Within the clip there is a non diegetic song played through out, is represents the indian culture at the start by using a song sung in indian, as the audience is creates atmosphere and effect and you feel as you are in india the music then links to the chase by mixing to a british song using the words 'we run so fast they cant catch me'.

There are also diegetic sounds within the clip, such as: The noise of the aeroplane going over the kids heads at the beginning. Also all the speaking is diegetic, The speaking is also all in indian.Find industry contacts & talent representation. Access in-development titles not available on IMDb.

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Slumdog Millionaire is based on the bestselling novel Q and A by Indian diplomat Vikas Swarup. It was adapted for the movie by British screenwriter Simon Beaufoy.

However, it eliminates most of the stories in the book, changes character names, and some story elements. OPENING TITLE SEQUENCE CLIP: Slumdog Millionaire The location of this film is set in India and its based around the lives of people that live in the slums.

The opening sequence talks about how the children's still have fun when they are in extreme poverty. The sequence begins on an airport where children are playing. The Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack was composed by A. R. Rahman, who planned the score for over two months and completed it in two yunusemremert.complay by: Simon Beaufoy.

Analysing the opening scene of Slumdog Millionaire Scene Shots from the opening scene Lighting is a golden tone which could relate to money, as gold is a rich colour and is known to be valuable.

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