Private music teacher business plan

Instrumental tutor Qualifications There are no set qualifications for private music teachers. The most important qualifications are musical competence and knowledge of your instrument, plus a commitment to, and understanding of, the teaching and learning process. The Level 4 Certificate for Music Educators CME is designed for music educators working with children and young people, including instrumental and vocal teachers working privately, with schools or hubs.

Private music teacher business plan

Studio MarketingTeaching Blog Fill your studio with the kind of students you want! Some of you may have a full studio with a waiting list of students who are desperate to study with you when a slot opens up.

But there is probably a large percentage of you who have empty slots in your teaching schedule that you would like to or need to fill. Depending on where you live, there may be a great deal of competition for music teachers. So here are some tips for how to recruit students for private music lessons.

If you have completed your studio business planyou have already done this. But you need to very specifically define who your target market is — the students that you want to fill your studio. What is their age, their gender, their geographic location, their experience, their socio-economic background, their ultimate goals, their reason to study with you?

If you define this from the onset, you will know how to go about recruiting them. Reach out to local school music teachers The music teachers in the public or private schools around you have a captive audience of students who want to make music.

Introduce yourself to those music teachers.

private music teacher business plan

Offer your assistance for their program by offering to do a free workshop for their students on the pedagogy of your instrument, or a masterclass for their students who are preparing for solo competition or college auditions.

Offer to accompany their choir or participate in the pit orchestra of the musical. Make sure that you tell them how you want to help them and support their program.

Once you have a school music teacher on your side, the relationship will pay off greatly because if they have a choice, they will send their interested students to you for years to come. Give public masterclasses Rent a good space in a central location or if your studio is big enough you can do it there and organize a public masterclass.

At first, talk to a handful of your most eager current students and offer them the chance to perform in the masterclass and then ask them to bring at least one person they know who might be interested in taking lessons.

Make sure you tell them that this is not only an opportunity for them but it is also a chance for prospective students to see you and how you teach. Confirm with your students before the class that they have a guest coming.

Have a series of these classes with maybe one class a month that is for your current students and then one class a month that is for prospective students. You can recruit those participants at your current student masterclass or with your network of local school music teachers. When you first start these masterclasses, I would offer them for free.

As you become more in demand, you could charge a small fee for participants and a smaller fee for auditors. It would also be a great idea to video tape these classes and post them on YouTube or your website as an advertisement for your studio.

One more note about masterclasses: But these students also want to see that you can produce results. A masterclass is not a place to get too specific in the minute details of technique. Identify an issue that you can fix on the spot.

Make it affordable enough so that you will get the maximum amount of students. Offer lessons and theory and some performance opportunities. Offer a discount for referrals — and then get referrals!

If students like their teachers, they recommend their teachers. Have a generous referral policy in place that is beneficial for the current student and the prospective student.

Or you could have a bulk policy — if a student recommends three new students who end up taking regularly from you, offer that current student one free lesson. The possibilities are endless at what you can offer. Just make sure you tell everyone about your referral policy so they will want to take advantage of it!

Referrals can also work within your network of teachers and musicians. Tell the school music teachers or church musicians or anyone else who may know prospective students that if they mention the referrer by name when they contact you, their first lesson is free or heavily discounted.

Make sure you thank your referrer for their recommendation! This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as ideas for recruiting students is concerned.

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Regina Zona says: July 7, at 2 days ago · If you have a good head for business and want to combine your musical and teaching ability, a career as a private music teacher may be for you Private, visiting and peripatetic music teachers provide instrumental, vocal and music training for children and adults of all ages.

You'll work at a A music lesson plan template PDF will comprise of a number of things- such as pitch focus, rhythm focus, any new vocabulary, technology used and instrument used.

It will also have place for the Lesson Plan Templates resource and summary of the lesson The music teachers in the public or private schools around you have a captive audience of students who want to make music. Introduce yourself to those music teachers.

Offer your assistance for their program by offering to do a free workshop for their students on the pedagogy of your instrument, or a masterclass for their students who are. · Five-Year School.

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Improvement Plan. Sample Christian School. Submitted May Dr. , Administrator and Chairman To improve teacher effectiveness To analyze organizational development and flow Music, Bible.

Mrs. Spanish, Handbells, Elementary Computers. A music lesson plan is helpful for any music teacher as it helps you to stay ordered in your approach. A music Teacher Lesson Plan Templates would come up with points you want to highlight in each lesson like- lesson resource, rhythm focus, pitch focus, technology used, the instruments involved, new vocabularies learnt, summary of the lesson and so

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