The essence of life through the

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The essence of life through the

Going along with the philosophy of Jean-Paul Charles Aymard Sartre he brings out existentialism throughout his poetry. All throughout the collection the concept of nothingness is felt.

The essence of life through the

Those who suffer will always suffer through and the struggle will never be ending. A paragraph from her autobiography runs throughout the poem bringing forth the needlessness of war. The understanding that the reader and the terrorist are one and the same, humans at the base level and oppressed by the dominators of a society.

The understanding between the writer and the terrorist goes beyond the traditional borders of understanding into the landscape of loss and humanity. This time though it highlights the bare essential needs of a human fulfilled in a daily manner personifying the general public of a nation.

Living for their daily bread, fulfilling the dreams of their children and family while their own dreams fade away into the horizon. In loneliness memories awaken with the human emotions felt long time ago, loneliness is a nostalgic lover tormenting a broken heart.

This is symbolized through the empty sky without the moon or the stars. In a world where moon light is admired for its beauty, chirping of birds as music, the writer sees otherwise. Writer sees the dullness in moonlight and the wailing of the birds bringing forth the wailing of the human soul suffering throughout a lifetime.

Wind is felt as a repulsive feeling enhancing the emptiness of life. This emptiness and dullness the writer feels, runs throughout the poem highlighting the nothingness in life. Letting go of his own dreams, as an elder brother he builds the dreams of his siblings and even at the last moment of his life how he lets go of his last breath in the same manner embracing life with the understanding that another journey begins with death.

The essence of life through the

All throughout this poetry collection this philosophy towards life is emphasized. According to the writer nothingness prevails everywhere in life so everything which calls for these memories are gone. Wailing for a love long lost and gone is recalled by the memories and the narrator is tormented by this.

The poem ends with the question where the narrator addresses the person he loved, if she also recalls the same memories with the presence of today. The narrator uses this nostalgic remembrance of a Bo tree leaf to recall the memories of a love long lost gone. Again, the concept of nothingness is beautifully crafted throughout this poem.

The symbols and metaphors go along with the line of the concept of nothingness. Just like a name written on a Bo tree leaf forever craved in the heart, life melting away like a cube of ice on hand, separation from the person the narrator loved and the name also fading away like dust, are beautiful symbols of a love past gone.

The peak of the poem is at the moment when the narrator accidentaly meets the person he loved, on the streets going for work. Shock waves of remembrances are passing through him and the only thing he feels is the unbearable loneliness.One of Villalonga’s water-themed paintings, “River of Life,” is featured in Janice Charach Gallery’s upcoming “Essence of Life” show.

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"The essence of life," After few minutes it was not there. It was like a very big shock or I can say like an earthquake for me. It took few days for me to come back in my senses.5/5(31).

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To pass our genes to our offspring. This is the sole purpose of our existence from an evolutionary perspective which is to populate our species therefore giving the best chance of survival.

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